Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Syllabus for the Drawing Class

The plan for October for continuing students is to take all of the tools* you have learned about drawing ... and apply them to a subject of your choice using the dry media of your choice.  Whatever your project, start with comps and design within a design space.  Your subject is not a random object floating in space.  It relates to the four edges of the design space, whether that is a mat or frame.  While designing think in terms of the abstract design created by the dark, medium and light shapes that make up your subject. Remember Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear.  One value should be dominant.

Continuing students should also be looking for reference material for the November project.  We will be doing "scribble" drawings.  More on that later. You need black and white family photos.  Choose candid shots with a single light source.  Also look for shots where the person (or persons) are joined to an interesting shape behind them ... a porch railing, a period auto.  We will create vignettes of the person and object within the design space!

If you are unsure about whether the photo has a single light source, use a photo that was taken outdoors.  No flash photos!

For new students, we will continue with line but move from contour drawing to construction and gesture drawing.  I will provide the objects or scrap you will be working from  But, if you would like, bring in a family photo or two and apply these methods to those, too.  

Remember, everything we do is practice!

*What tools, you ask?  Contour, caging, construction, gesture, measuring (plotting), sight lines and plumb lines, perspective and light theory (planes, light , halftone, shadow).  Wow, you've done a lot since February.

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