Monday, October 12, 2009

October Syllabus, Advanced Painting, Wednesday Mornings

October will be a free month in which you can choose your own subject matter.  A number of you wish to continue with your equine paintings.  The overall  goal is to work on a "show" painting.  Develop an idea from your own reference.  Start with small comps to create a good abstract composition.  Then, move into color and a larger format.  There are quite a few good shows in the near future for you to enter.

In November and December we will shift to still life.  Since I have now split the painting class into two classes, fundamental and advanced ... in the advanced class I will not be bringing the still life set-up in.  I want you to design the set-up and composition yourself.  Perhaps, two of you can work together to make a set-up that will work for two vantage points.  Not an easy task!  Plan on two three-week still lifes.  For November, a fall theme and for December, a winter theme.

The advanced class is ready to move to the level where you choose your subject matter and create your goal, rather than the teacher bring it in.  I will be there, however, to assist you and jump in with an appropriate lecture or demo when the need arises.

Go forth!

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