Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Drawing and Watercolor Books

My favorite book for beginning drawing  is "Drawing with Your Artist's Brain: Learn to Draw What You See, Not What You Think You See" by Carl Purcell.  It covers many approaches to drawing and also touches on seeing in shapes and the abstract design behind a drawing.  Carl Purcell also wrote "Painting with Your Artist's Brain".  It covers the same ground but the examples are in watercolor rather than graphite.  There's no need to own both. Go with the one that suits the media you want to work in.

"Making Color Sing" by Jeanne Dobie is one of my favorite watercolor books. It approaches watercolor through color and design. It is for a serious beginner, though.  It does not get into technique.  This is the book I will be working from on Tuesday afternoons to set up my exercises.

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