Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joseph Zbukvic and His Brush

The artist I took a workshop from is Joseph Zbukvic.  He thinks like I think as an oil painter ... shapes, shapes, shapes.  So, his watercolors appeal to me. He uses a full value range, so his paintings are very strong.  It was a wonderful workshop ... one that changed my approach.

He uses a squirrel quill instead of a sable round.  It comes to a very sharp point for detail work, but is very full in the belly ... so it holds a lot more water than a traditional watercolor round. When he does get to the details at the end of the painting, he switches to a synthetic round with a stiffer point.

Here is an Isabey squirrel quill.

Someday, when all of you are ready to hear it, I will tell you about Mr. Bead. Joseph introduced us!

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