Monday, August 31, 2009

Directions to the New Class Location

This week we move to our new location, the Temecula Art Gallery at 41785 Nicole Lane, Suite B4.  It is very easy to find.

North I-15
Take Rancho California exit
Right onto Rancho California Road
Right at the bottom of the ramp.
Left onto Ynez Road
The first light.
Right onto Overland
Right onto Nicole Lane
This is a light.  If you turned left you would go into Costco.
Right into Ruby Tuesday parking lot.
Pass Ruby Tuesday to your right and Frankie's to your left.  The gallery is on the Frankie's side (to your left), two doors past Frankie's.

This map is from the Ruby Tuesday website ... the gallery is not on Google maps yet.

See you there!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fallbrook Art Association Fall Open Judged Show

Receiving day for Fallbrook Art Association's Fall Open Judged Show is November 2nd from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The show will be at the Fallbrook Art Center and runs from November 6th through the 15th.  The reception is Friday, November 6th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

This is a judged, not juried, show.  All entries will hang.  Artists may enter two paintings no larger than 48 x 48" including the frame.  Members $15 for one work, $20 for two.  Non-members $20 for one work, $30 for two.
Information about membership can be found at the FAA website.

The judge is Marc Whitney, an artist whose work I like.  His gallery is one that I always stop at when in Laguna Beach.  

Enter this show!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

September Syllabus - Tuesday Drawing Class

The September session is a three week mini-session wherein I am combining all levels of my drawing series.  As I have moved into Session 5 and 6 of the series, it has become evident that I do not have enough class hours to teach all of the levels simultaneously.  This means that students wait, and don't start drawing, until the level they need comes around.  I have decided to combine the levels, so that students work at their own level within the class, but are surrounded by students working at different levels.  My painting class has always worked this way ... and it works well.  You see more things, hear more things and are inspired by more things.

So, if you have been waiting to start my drawing classes or waiting for your level to come around ... start now!  The three session mini is also a good way to try my classes out before signing up for a longer session.  For a productive learning experience the teacher and the student have to be a good fit!

In the September session we will be working from life ... still life.

Beginning Students.  You will draw single objects from life with contour and cross-contour, or caging, lines. Learning to draw is about learning to see.  Contour drawing is a very accessible way to learn to draw and one that students enjoy!  This way of drawing is all about "no worries".  Jump in!

Value (formerly Session 2) Students.  You will work on a still life with simple geometric shapes to learn about light, halftone and shadow ... the three values needed to create form or dimension in a drawing. You will be moving from pencil to charcoal and from line to shape.  So, September is about cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones.  It you understand how light creates value on these shapes, you can apply that knowledge to anything you draw.

Exploring Media or Intermediate Students (Session 3 and above).  In September we will continue with value, the gray scale pastels and larger more complicated still lifes.  I will still stress drawing and value ... but you are now looking for ways to express yourself, combine line with tone and combine media.  The still life will have a few large, unusual objects ... a cow skull (thank you Marilyn), an old sewing machine, a tricycle.  If anyone has an unusual object email me.  I would especially like a musical instrument like a clarinet or saxophone.  I am looking for objects you are unfamiliar with so you have to rely on what you see and on your "tool belt" of drawing skills.

This is going to be fun!

September Syllabus - Wednesday Painting Class

For the three September classes we will continue with the figurative painting of a human ... or a horse!  We will be focusing on anatomy and composition (placing the figure or animal in the design space).  

September 2.  Continue working on your painting.  If you have finished the Lucy Kemp-Welch equine painting, start another painting using your own photo reference.  The first step, of course, is to do comps in your sketchbook.  I have some horse photo reference that I will bring in that you can also choose from.  In addition to the comps, do a sketch in your sketchbook of the horse or figure in your reference, to help you understand the anatomy.  If you are unsure of the anatomy, consult your anatomy book ... or me!

If you are following along with the Holbein exercise, bring in your sketches from pages one and two of "Holbein Portrait Drawings".  I will bring in mine ... and we'll talk about what we learned about the features of the face .

I will give a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's head and neck. Bring your Dover horse anatomy book.

September 9.  If you have done your comps and studied the anatomy of the pose move on to the painting. Also, page 3 of Holbein and a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's front leg.

September 16.  Continue with your figurative painting, Holbein page 4 and a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's rear leg.

Hmmm, I have an "end of summer, we need a party or at least a snack" feel ... to celebrate our new location.  Any ideas?