Thursday, August 27, 2009

September Syllabus - Wednesday Painting Class

For the three September classes we will continue with the figurative painting of a human ... or a horse!  We will be focusing on anatomy and composition (placing the figure or animal in the design space).  

September 2.  Continue working on your painting.  If you have finished the Lucy Kemp-Welch equine painting, start another painting using your own photo reference.  The first step, of course, is to do comps in your sketchbook.  I have some horse photo reference that I will bring in that you can also choose from.  In addition to the comps, do a sketch in your sketchbook of the horse or figure in your reference, to help you understand the anatomy.  If you are unsure of the anatomy, consult your anatomy book ... or me!

If you are following along with the Holbein exercise, bring in your sketches from pages one and two of "Holbein Portrait Drawings".  I will bring in mine ... and we'll talk about what we learned about the features of the face .

I will give a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's head and neck. Bring your Dover horse anatomy book.

September 9.  If you have done your comps and studied the anatomy of the pose move on to the painting. Also, page 3 of Holbein and a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's front leg.

September 16.  Continue with your figurative painting, Holbein page 4 and a mini-lecture on the anatomy of the horse's rear leg.

Hmmm, I have an "end of summer, we need a party or at least a snack" feel ... to celebrate our new location.  Any ideas?

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