Monday, April 25, 2011

May Syllabus

The theme for the current session is landscape. The first project is a tree study exercise with two parts. 

First, find a tree or shrub that is roughly spherical in shape. Do not choose a tree that is feathery or wispy.  It should be in your yard or close to home and accessible from different directions because you will return to this tree numerous times over a period of weeks (or even seasons). Choose a small format.  I suggest dividing a 12 x 16" Canva-paper sheet into eight 6 x 4" rectangles.  

You will paint a series of quick (20 minute) studies of the tree, painting it in as few color spots as possible for the light situation. The purpose is not to paint a realistic tree. We are studying color temperature and light theory. What colors and values do you see in sun, fog, morning, evening, backlit, side lit, etc.  You should paint as many studies as various situations you encounter. These studies will become a reference library when you work larger landscapes from photos - so that you begin to see the color, temperature, and value that may not show up in a photograph.

We will talk in class about different light and temperature situations.

Second, on Wednesday, 4/27 and 5/4, we will do several tree studies from photographs that I provide.    In this case, the purpose will be to understand the structure of the tree and paint a detailed study of that variety of tree. Over the next few months we will do several of these in-class studies ... of an oak, eucalyptus, palm, etc.  Use 9 x 12" Canva-paper for these studies.

The rest of May will focus on discussing landscape principles (ala Carlson) and designing and painting a studio painting.  I will bring some photos in or you may use a photo of your own that I have approved.  Start bringing in photos now and I will take a look at them. The photo should be of a landscape not an urban scene and have useable information in the foreground, mid-ground and background.  Don't worry about a perfect arrangement of the elements in the photo - we will solve design problems in the comp phase.

Don't forget, this Wednesday, May 27th, I will be doing a landscape demo from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Pack a sack lunch so we can get right to it!

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