Saturday, April 30, 2011

Landscape Design Exercise

Everyone did a great job on the tree exercise last week.  A reminder that we decided to take it outside and try a tree from life next week, April 4th, by painting a tree in the parking lot.  The sidewalk in front of the gallery is in shade all morning so we will set up there.  I believe everyone discovered last week how little color you can see in a photograph.  So, we will look for more color cues from life this week.  A 9 x 12" Canva-paper will be fine.  I'm working on a handout that discusses the planes to look for on a tree (sphere) in a double light source (sun and sky).

The following week, April 11th, we will shift gears and move from color in landscape to landscape principles.  Again, look for a photo to work from that has information in the foreground, background and mid-ground.  If you have found any, bring them in this week for me to vet.  I've attached some photos that you are free to use, courtesy the WetCanvas Reference Image Library. I am not worried about composition in the photos, the artist provides that.

Even if you don't use one of these photos, print them out to practice doing B&W comps in a sketchbook.  We will practice with them in class over the next month.  A few are difficult because they have very little information, but there was something that attracted me.  A few are difficult because they have too much information.

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