Friday, November 6, 2009

Drawing Marilyn Monroe - Jason Baalman

This is another drawing video by Jason Baalman. Time lapse photography reduces the drawing time of one and a half hours to eight minutes. He applies the principles in the earlier videos. When he starts the drawing he focuses on plotting and placement of the large shapes.  Each large shape is created by plotting both vertically and horizontally the points that make up the outline of the shape.  Because he is experienced he does this very quickly. He then fills in the value of the large shapes. He is not thinking about what the shapes are, just the height and width of each shape and its value.  The nose, for instance, is not a nose.  It is the shadow under plane, the halftone side plane and the light front plane.  The planes that face the light remain the white of the paper. He never draws a "nose". As he progresses he breaks the larger shapes into smaller ones, some darker, some lighter by erasing out. He then focuses on edges, blending them out or sharpening them. 

He creates Marilyn Monroe entirely by focusing on the size, placement and value of the shapes with final attention given to the edge between each shape.

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