Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rhythms in Drawing

Animators are trained to draw with rhythms, like we were talking about yesterday with your horse's legs. Look at the rhythm lines of Rafiki ... from arm to arm, leg to leg, torso flowing into the leg. Whatever you are drawing look for a rhythm line and then build onto or cut into it to move it from generic to specific. But start with the rhythm.

By:Walt Disney Animation Studios Look at the circular rhythm created by Rafiki's two arms. If you get that rhythm right you will be able to place the details correctly. Rhythms are everywhere. There are rhythms in the lion's face from one eye across to the other, from one eybrow across to the other ...

By:Walt Disney Animation Studios The rhythm of Rafiki's left arm is a simple "v".  Then the details of the fur are added to it. But, it is a specific "v". Is it a wide or narrow "v" ... you can accurately see what kind of "v" it is if you ask it of yourself. If you look, you can see when it is off. The two questions you ask about shape are ... is it taller or narrower, is it wider or narrower? Ask about a line ... what is the angle? You know the angle of the 60 stops a minute hand makes as it goes around a clock face, so you know the angle of a line, of Rafiki's forearm. You know it!

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