Monday, September 14, 2009

The Toybox Drawing Exercise

Graphite Drawing by Della Alwardt

A recent assignment in the drawing class is called the Toy Box.  The directions are to take an object, throw it on the table any side up and draw it as you see it.  Take a second object, do the same, but place it on the paper behind the first object.  Part of it may not show.  Draw a third object.  As you fill the paper the drawing will give the impression of looking down into a jumbled toy box.  I modified the exercise to include thinking about the negative space not filled by objects as part of the design.  The students then did several drawings that adapted the original assignment.

This graphite drawing is by Della Alwardt, one of my Tuesday morning drawing students.  She juxtaposed two objects that would not normally be seen together.  She thought about the negative shapes that were created when the objects intersected the four edges of the design space.  She did a great job!  The abstract positive and negative shapes make a good composition.  It holds the viewer's eye as they discover the giraffe tucked under the leaves.  I am very pleased with the outcome on this project.  

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