Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reference Books on Horse and Animal Drawing

"Horse Anatomy" (Dover), $3.95 - John Green
32 page coloring book, anatomy ... most cluck for least buck.

"An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists", $12.95 - Ellenberger and Baum     $10.35*
Anatomy plates for major animal groups, Stubbs anatomy plates.  Advanced cluck for moderate buck.  Start with the Dover coloring book and work up to this.

"How to Draw Animals", $11.95 - Jack Hamm     $9.50*
Info, info, info on all kinds of animals.  General anatomy, gait, proportions. Not a  technique or style book, but packed with drawing related animal facts. No anatomy plates.

"The Art of Animal Drawing: Anatomy, Action Analysis, Caricature" (Dover), $9.95 - Ken Hultgren
A gesture approach to sketching animals, seeing the action and rhythm in the animal.  Hultgren was an animator, so some of the examples are animation, but the rhythms apply to realistic animals,too.  No anatomy plates.

"Animal Painting and Anatomy", Out of Print - W. Frank Calderon    $7.5o*  Amazon Used
Best all around book about animal drawing.  A little bit of everything.  Lots of text.  Illustrated with his drawings.  No anatomy plates.  Not for the faint of heart.

"The Artist's Guide to Animal Anatomy", $19.95 - Gottfried Bammes     $14.95*
Academic textbook on animal drawing with an emphasis on mass and planes.  No anatomy plates.  A serious book for the committed artist.

"The Anatomy and Action of the Horse" (Dover), $12.95 - Lowes Luard     $11.00*
Emphasis on movement and what the muscles do and why.  The Vanderpoel of the animal world.   Has anatomy plates.  Lots of text.

*Amazon discount price

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