Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Value of Plein Air Painting

I have been plein air painting, in North Park, University Heights, Temecula and my neighborhood.  I was  immediately reminded how valuable it is.  The location has more information than a photo ever shows.  It is true information, not manipulated by the camera's limitations.  The answer is always there, as close as correctly observing the color spots.  There is an immediacy and trueness to plein air work that studio painting, no matter how accomplished, never attains.  Plein air painting is a bother, with equipment problems, weather difficulties and carting mounds of stuff. Worse, there isn't always a bathroom.  The gains, however, far outweigh the difficulties.

Information about the paint-outs will be on the blog.  The class is in hiatus while I assess what next, after the closing of the gallery.  In January, I changed the class to a learning intensive format, with less time for individual projects.  The results were rewarding.

I will have several on locations classes, in addition to the paint-outs, in the next few months.  The first is on June 29th and will be at the Santa Rosa Plateau.  Your interest level directly affects my decision to continue teaching. 

If you are serious about becoming a better painter, painting on location is a learning laboratory.  It is always easier and less intimidating to go out with other painters than it is to go out alone.  Jump in!

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