Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Class Syllabus July 2010

The floral still life from June was a breakthrough painting for everyone.  Color, composition and creative wild abandon for all.  Congrats!

We will focus on landscape painting this month, from your photos.  Please bring some to class.  You'll need a sketchbook, pencils or markers, small canvases (no larger than 8 x 10" or 9 x 12"), and on July 28th a gessoed piece of cardboard and a ruler.

If you have Kevin Macpherson's books, bring them to class because we will be referring to them.  I will recommend sections to read and field questions.

Consider trying Kevin Macpherson's limited palette.  See what you can mix from a few colors.  His palette is titanium white, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow pale (lemon, pale, light are all OK). After you have worked with the basic palette for awhile, see what happens when you add phthalo green.

14 July
We'll take a look in class at pages 92 to 95 of Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color and pages 56 to 61 of Landscape Painting Inside & Out.  We will do some black and white comps from your photos. 

21 July
We will continue in the same vein, but move into a small color study.  Look at the demos on pages 80 to 88 in Landscape Painting Inside & Out.  Take it step by step.  Simple is the answer.

28 July
Look at page 69 of Landscape Painting Inside & Out, the description for Day 4 and the top and middle photos.  Bring lots of photos to class; put your name on them so we can pass them around.  Bring a piece of cardboard you have gessoed or some canvas paper.  We are going to work quickly and paint tiny color studies.

Class Notes:
  • We have the classroom for the full day this month, so paint into the afternoon.
  • Class meets on 7/14, 7/21 & 7/21.
  • I will hand out invoices on 7/14 for $105.
  • Adria will be back east this month for Marlena's second surgery. Marlena and Adria, you are in our thoughts.

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