Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reference Material for Drawing the Head

I recommend the following books for study of the head:

"Drawing: The Head", by Andrew Loomis, covers the proportion of the head for different ages, the placement of the features, how to visualize the head in planes and the simple bone structure of the head and neck. $8.95

"The Human Figure", by John Vanderpoel focuses on the features of the face as shapes of light and shadow.  It is text dense and not an easy read, but very worth the effort.  The margin drawings illustrate the text description of the planes and muscles of each feature from different angles.  I recommend reading the text and copying the margin illustration in your sketchbook. $6.95

"The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head" by William Maughan is excellent for both drawers and painters.  It covers line versus value, form and cast shadows, negative shapes, the two masses of light and shadow, perspective in the head, proportion and anatomy of the features.  All of the drawings are in white and sanguine pastel pencil, but the information and approach applies to all media. $16.50 (Amazon discount price)

Andrew Loomis

John Vanderpoel

William Maughan

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